How to make healthy decisions when eating out


Eating healthy food at home is one thing when you control what is available – but eating out while traveling can sometimes strain our healthy eating habits. Travel and outdoor meals are a part of life – and very enjoyable, do not you think so? So the comfort and convenience of making healthy choices and the choices you make are an important part of maintaining your healthy lifestyle.

Holidays are only a few months away, with your calendar full of festive parties. So now is the time to overcome this so you can sail in the holiday season confident that you will not enter the new year with any extra pounds unwelcome!

Here are some simple tips you can take with you wherever you go …

Do not be afraid to ask. If you're having trouble finding something healthy on the list, do not be afraid to ask for the edit. For example, if you're in an Italian restaurant with a menu filled with pasta dishes – think of replacing broccoli or spinach with pasta. You still get the layer and the sauce, but without the dish full of excess carbohydrates. The dish still tastes just as much!

Avoid drinking your calories. This applies to any time, but there is an incredibly simple way to make a small healthy transition which is choosing water. It's obviously the healthier option, but that does not mean you can not enjoy green tea or a glass of red wine from time to time by water. Balance is everything, but water is a top priority.

Prepare yourself before going out. The selection of any of the meals on the menu is delicious and healthy that can take a long time and not the type of task you want to do while you are in the restaurant. It can be smart to look at the restaurant menu before hand, which can usually be found on their website. From the comfort of your home, you can search for any meals that are healthier, and you will be ready to order when you get there without studying the menu for ten minutes!

Another of my favorite tips is to order entrees as a meal with side salad. The amount of food you get with entrees and small side salad is usually just the right amount – unlike the large portions that are on the menu.

So, as you can see, these are just superheroes that can make a difference in the quality of the food you eat while eating out. With healthy restaurants everywhere, it's easier and easier to find healthier options while dining out, so make the most of it.


Why cycling is a fun workout


If you find that going to the gym is a dismal exercise, you may want to try outdoor biking instead. Cycling, compared to gym exercises, is more fun. When cycling, you will not be bored by the changing surroundings as you walk down the path of your chosen bike; while, in the gym, you will be stuck with the same walls and equipment. No wonder some people find exercise difficult. There is more diversity in the cycling experience.

More people are actually biking as part of their weight loss program because it is a low impact exercise and more fun to do. As a low impact exercise, it is easy on the joints and thus makes it a comfortable exercise. This does not mean you will not sweat it. In fact, cycling burns calories that occur in running. When riding a bike at moderate speed, you can burn about 650 calories in one hour.

As you move to push towards weight loss, you can build your endurance and strength by exercising great muscles in your legs, arms, and abdomen, giving you great physique.

As aerobic exercises, cycling helps strengthen the heart and lung muscles, allowing oxygen to circulate in the body, improving cardiovascular fitness. This also helps in lowering blood pressure and reduces the risk of heart disease.

Good exercise biking does not require special skill. However, as a beginner, you may want to practice riding your bike in your backyard so you are sure to take it on the road. You may only need a little training because of the opportunities. You have already installed a bike as a child and once you learn this skill, you will not forget it.

There are things you might want to consider and remember if you decide to cycle as an alternative exercise to your gym routine.

You may want to check if the bike you are using fits you perfectly to ride comfort.

· It is advisable to plan your route and learn about the bike regulations in your area.

· safety first. You may want to check the frames and dividers before going out for your trip.

Be visible to other motorists by wearing something bright to prevent accidents on the road.

Do not forget your helmets.

When accompanied by a healthy meal plan, cycling can help you lose these extra weights while enjoying a good and enjoyable workout.


Ever wonder how many people eat junk food?


When you sit in your car in the driveway, waiting for your order out of the window, have you ever stopped thinking about exactly how many people eat junk food? How many restaurants do you pass on your way home? With diversity and comfort, the restaurant franchise is a guaranteed and profitable investment.

Did you know that in 2007 McDonald's had 39,000 employees? They also made over $ 22 million that year. With 31,000 restaurants in about 120 countries, it is no wonder they say "Served billions"!

The franchise is approximately $ 125 billion in industry per year. While requiring a lot of hard work, the return can be outstanding. This is due to the exact number of people eating.

So, how many people eat junk food? More than 50,000,000 people a day in the United States alone. This is a lot of burgers and french fries! When you have to run a school, work and practice football, eating out will be more convenient than cooking at home. It is also an inexpensive way to feed all family members. In addition, the mind blowing options!

Kentucky fried chicken – for chicken lovers in the family

McDonald's, Burger King – for those who prefer burgers and french fries

Pizza Hot – Italian side

Taco Bell – When you feel a little south border

This is just the tip of the iceberg. There is a fast-food restaurant for almost any taste, so even more people who eat fast food can find somewhere so they can enjoy a quick and convenient meal. Americans will spend more than $ 110 billion this year on junk food, more than a quarter of all Americans. Most of them worked in the FF industry at some point in their lives.

Some people question the benefits of eating in FF-franchises and say it is unhealthy, high in calories and full of fat. But there are some good points to eat outside as well. If you're looking for a more healthy place to dine, there are some restaurants that offer low-fat, sugar-free meals. Do not delay the claims made by colleagues. You can find everything you're looking for in one easy, comfortable and inexpensive restaurant. With so much to choose from, you are content to find what you want, near your home.

A person looking to invest in a business opportunity should really think about a restaurant franchise. With the increasing number of people eating in restaurants and the rise of restaurant privileges around the world, this industry is showing no signs of slowing down.

With food for all tastes and budgets, speed, convenience and meal planning options are as simple as a short trip to your favorite restaurant. Depending on the number of people eating, franchising is one of the most lucrative business ventures available. Remember that excellence is the best secret to keep in the 21st century!


Benefits of practicing voluntary work abroad


Being a volunteer abroad does not give you financial compensation for the time you spend working. However, the time spent in volunteer work abroad can improve society and the entire world. The selfless work you do has endless benefits – for both person and others. Although you may not receive a fat check of the effort you have made to do volunteer work on board, there are many indirect benefits that you volunteer to work abroad.

Here are some of the benefits of doing volunteer work abroad

Support for some reason

In everyday life, you face situations that require your help. A passion for helping others can be achieved through volunteer work abroad. Being committed to your time and energy in the case you are interested in will bring you tremendous satisfaction.

Improve your skills

There are two important things in each person's life:

A] Change and improvement in one's skill

B] Exchange skills, knowledge and experience with others

When you do volunteer work abroad, you get a chance to do both. Every person you interact with when you volunteer has some skills and knowledge to convey. You get to know more and more things about the problem you are supporting. You can get a chance to practice the new skills you have learned during volunteer work. Also, you get a chance to convey the knowledge that you have. Sharing your knowledge of participating volunteers and children may be rewarding.

Make new friends

You can make many new friends when you volunteer abroad. Volunteers and non-profit workers are often the most compassionate people you can meet. These people are always ready to help, regardless of the problem. These people are inhuman and live in the most difficult circumstances to make the world a better place. They are the best people you will meet, so be sure to appreciate your friendship with them. You can also interview people from diverse backgrounds who may never have the chance to meet in your daily life.

Feeling good helping others

Have you ever had a meal for a stranger or helped a sick person? If you do not, I suggest you try it. If you've helped someone, you know how you feel helping others without expecting anything in return. Feel the same feeling when you volunteer abroad for a cause that interests you. You will feel good when you help someone. Over time, you will realize that you are addicted to helping others and want to devote as much time as possible to helping others.

Make a difference

The fact that you can make a difference in someone else's life will give you tremendous satisfaction. Volunteering on board will give you an opportunity to help others. Setting time and effort will help:

A] Make a difference in someone else's life

B] Make society and the world as a whole a better place to live.

This effort will have a long-term impact on society.

Building confidence

When you volunteer to work abroad you face many new challenges. These challenges help you develop your skills and improve your self-confidence. Also, you have a lot of people to help you so that you learn a lot from them. These experiences will help you deal with difficult situations in everyday life.

So, volunteer for the cause you believe in and help to improve yourself – and the world.


Fortress of Hermit Fisher


Robert E. Harel, also known as "Hermit" is a woven figure in the history of Fort Fisher, NC. Definitely one of the most famous people on Pleasure Island. Was the subject of a documentary film, a book and a "community" and has many articles written about his life and times. He lived "out of the earth" in an old World War II hideout abandoned for 16 years. Harrill arrived at Fort Fisher, on the coast of North Carolina from the mountains in search of peace and sanctuary from a life that is offensive and disappointing. In his early sixties, he finally decided to move away from society and closer to nature. His life was sad, sweet, inspiring and courageous. His death is surrounded by mystery and adds only one layer to his story. Grigros, who taught his novel "The School of Good Nature," was the second-largest tourist attraction in North Carolina by the late 1960s after a US warship in North Carolina.

I followed the Hermit Way to the bunker he used to call the house. Like everyone else, I find myself fascinated by a man who lived in the middle of the salt marshes, next to the ocean, independently for a long time. I have lived off the "Earth's Obesity", and here on the coast was shellfish and fish and a garden planted by himself. He defied hurricanes, humidity and heat in the summer of Carolina, fighting for his right to stay at his "home" against developers and other authorities he considered a homeless man. Basically, his friends were animals, stray dogs, dogs and wild animals. Though I do not imagine he was alone in a human company – he was said to have kept a guest record that contained only 100,000 articles. These passers-by made their contributions by dropping money in a pan or sharing some food. Also accepted donations to display in the form.

Quoted in 1968 in New Hanover Sun in terms of its popularity,

"Everyone must be stuck for a few minutes or an hour or so every 24 hours, to study, meditate and communicate with their originator … Millions of people want to do exactly what I do, but because thinking is much easier than doing, they are elected for my disability to represent them, That's why I'm successful … "

I imagine he did not miss a lot of food or drink. There is an entrance on his website from a local man, who was about 16 years old, when he was used to ride him to the town in search of groceries. Remember the man stacking 30 bags of groceries in his box!

Letters and stories, along with his collected personal writings, indicate that he lived a difficult life. He grew up during a depression period in an abusive home as a child. His marriage ended with divorce and his eldest son committed suicide. I can relate to his desire to escape to a simpler life. To continue his story, his younger son Edward founded the Hermit Society. Miracle inspiration, "teachings", ideas are recorded in photographs and films

His death was listed on June 3, 1972 as a heart attack. The hermit was found by a group of teenagers in the early morning. His body was in eagle mode spread on a pile of garbage. I find it hard to tell how sad this is.

You can still visit his hideaway and walk down the trail from Fort Fisher / South End Beach Access. The corridor starts from the Visitors Center. The trail is nearly half a mile to the cellar. You can proceed to the observatory surface at the top if the island where you can see heron, ibis, heron and other coastal coastal birds are absolutely amazing. A regular sight for our boyfriend the hermit.

After learning all this about Robert Harel I felt I had to follow him and find his grave. Located on Dow Road in the Federal Point Methodist Cemetery. It is a quiet place by the river in a historic shaded area for reasons. The tomb itself is covered with shells left in the form of souvenirs, and in fact I left myself and I knelt to read the grave. "I've made people think," she says. I'm not the only one, his visitors are still looking for him. Recently, a DVD from Fort Fisher Hermit was left on Robert's grave. His life story, "Battle of Independence; The Life and Times of Fort Fisher Hermit", is on sale at


View Serrano: Interview with Dr. Eric Serrano


Dr. Eric Serrano is the Ace sought by elite athletes around the world to help with the most difficult problems. Spends much of his time promoting the health of patients who exercise daily in Pickerington, a suburb of Columbus, Ohio. Among the thousands of patients are elite athletes from all over the world who travel to the ends of the earth to consult with Dr. Serrano.

A wide range of athletes from the NFL, NHL, MLB plus countless amateur elite make up the elite Erik clients list of athletes. His consistent experience comes from years of practicing medicine and his career as a sportsman. As a sportsman and family, Eric recognizes the needs of his clients and drives himself to stay at the forefront of training, supplementation, nutrition, rehabilitation, injury and performance improvement.

Dr. Serrano is a graduate of Kansas State University and received his medical degree from the University of Kansas. Currently, he is a professor of family medicine at the Ohio State University. You will never have an idea of ​​the strong demand for Dr. Serrano's services, which is evident by presenting a record of messages filled with inquiries from elite athletes, power trainers and relevant practitioners around the world. He is really an expert expert, but the elite come for guidance and information.

————————————————– ——-

JP: Let's start with the protein. How much do you need if you train heavily on strength and size?

Dr.. s: This is an easy answer. If you are male, 1 – 1.5 grams per pound. The maximum will be 2 grams per pound if you train too heavily in addition to exercising. If you are female. 0.8 grams per pound is enough. These recommendations are for people who do not take anabolic steroids of course.

JP: How about reducing fat?

Dr.. s: It is important to treat the levels of fats and carbohydrates to reduce body fat than to eat total calories. In fact, some people do not consume enough calories to lose true fat to occur. The above protein ratios apply here as well.

JP: You always hear the debate about kasine vs. whey and know that you have already separated proteins from their stimulant or anti-tranquil properties. Can you explain this briefly? What are the best protein powders on the market?

Dr.. s: First of all, I do not think whey isolates are the best. Let me explain why. When we simplify things, we tend to destroy other things along the way. For example, the transition from yogurt to whey destroys many proteins that support growth. By taking this step forward, whey treatment is changing the ratio of alpha-lactalbumin to beta-lactoglobulin so that the latter is at a greater concentration in the final product. Well, guess what, beta-lactoglobulin is the most allergenic protein in the body!

To answer the question of casein vs whey, it depends on the process. There is calcium, potassium and sodium kazine, but I prefer to use a protein isolate that contains all proteins or micellar casein which appears to be an excellent source. For whey, I prefer whey concentrate which is cheap, pure and more honest. There is an extension called ImmunoPro which is not cheap, but has a better ratio of alpha-lactalbumin to beta-lactoglobulin, one of the best products on the market.

For size, you want proteins with both anabolic and anti-demolition properties. The anti-shrink proteins are rapidly absorbed and prevent muscle breakdown (for example, free-form amino acids and branching branches that rapidly get in the system, and insulin that prevents muscle from breaking down). Anabolic proteins will help build muscles (eg red meat).

As far as I'm concerned, the best proteins on the market are Beverly International Ultra Size (which also contains beef), Biotest Low-Carb GROW !, Champion Nutrition Met Max, and ImmunoPro as I already mentioned, MD + Myosin, An alternative meal powder called Micellean Bioactive Superfood from VPX, which has a great taste.

One thing related to protein, you can snack from soy beans if you wish, but there is no time in the life of a man in case of eating to isolate soy protein!

JP: Many people are looking for ways to increase testosterone levels naturally. Any suggestions?

Dr.. s: Believe it or not, there are some studies (about athletes trained to resist) that show that eating too much protein can actually reduce testosterone levels especially when levels of fat and carbohydrates are low. There is a direct relationship between dietary fat (saturated and monounsaturated) and testosterone – in general, the higher the intake of fat, the higher the levels of T. Olive oil, cheese and red meat are excellent sources. Many athletes are committed to fat-free meat cuts – especially those who have access to erection but have difficulty keeping it (pardon the pun!). Also, a recent study showed that Tripolos from Bulgaria specifically (not Japan ), China or India) It is fruit (not trunk or roots) elevated LH and testosterone levels.

JP: How can you naturally control the dreaded cortisol levels?

Dr.. s: Well, every time you eat, cortisol levels are lowered – raising insulin reduces cortisol – a natural response. Therefore, the first way is to eat frequent small meals. Rosacea (600 mg), Panax Ginseng (2 studies have now shown that it reduces cortisol levels – you need at least 1 gram), PS (400-800 mg). Fat is also very important especially monounsaturated fat, but no matter who you are and what you do, the best way to lower cortisol levels is to sleep for at least 8 hours a night! There is a book entitled Lights Out: Sleep, Sugar, and Survival for T.S. Wiley and Bent Formby who illustrates this. The process involves daily rhythms of hormones and the timing of melatonin levels. There has been an incredible number of studies conducted on this subject, but an average of 8 hours of sleep (optimal is 9) is necessary every night. The key is not watching TV late at night. One of the studies I mention included putting people in a dark room and shining a small light bulb behind the knee for 20 minutes to see what would happen. The sleep pattern changed people even though they were in a dark room, and within just two weeks, melatonin levels were changed in all substances completely until you knew that the skin had a kind of light sensitivity. That's why in the summer, we stay up longer because there's more light and in winter, the opposite happens. Because there is less light, we feel more tired, tired and depressed and want to go to bed early. It seems reasonable!

JP: How can you renew the adrenal gland after long-term doping?

Dr.. s: If you use steroids or thermal generators for more than 12 weeks, you kill the adrenal glands. It takes about 8 weeks to recover. To regenerate, you need to take adrenal adrenaline (eg: standard Drenamin, Adrenogen Metagenics), vitamin C (at least 3 grams per day), DHEA, and fish oil. In fact, the adrenal glands are 60% fat – polyunsaturated fats are important here (will also reduce cortisol levels). Again, sleep is critical.

JP: Or how can you cleanse the liver after a steroid cycle that included the mouth?

Dr.. s: Well, be sure to do some liver tests (ie, blood work) by your doctor to get a baseline. This is one of the few times that I agree to an average protein diet. In addition, it is important not to smoke, drink (alcohol) or take telenol, pill or other drugs during this time. To clean the liver, you need the right foods. Eggs useful in this position – will help lecithin found in eggs. As far as supplements are concerned, liver tablets (Beverly International Ultra-40), milk thistle, glutathione, and glutamine also help the liver. Finally, it was found that between 25 and 50 grams of intravenous vitamin C had been renewed by the liver. I use this approach in my office from time to time when I have a patient with hepatitis A, B or C and the results are amazing!

JP: Well, let's give the reader an example of how things are diagnosed. We will take the thyroid for example. You mentioned TSH, T4, T3, T3, T3, and triglycerides, as well as questions about hair loss, constipation, weakness, palpitations, and the use of carbohydrates and caffeine. What exactly are you looking for and how can you correct some of these anomalies? What about thyroid enhancement, what do you suggest?

Dr.. s: Yes, the biggest problem I have seen in this area is the return of some plants to normal and assume that everything is fine so do nothing – you should listen to the patient! If the thyroid gland is borderline, this means that TSH ranges from 2.5 to 3.0, you can use adrenal supplements for 4 weeks. If you do not see results after 4 weeks, I recommend taking thyroid medications. Thyroid is a natural thyroid that contains both T3 and T4. If you have a person with hypothyroidism, putting it on thyroid medication may actually help lower your levels.

JP: You are not a milk lover, but you do not mind other dairy products such as cheese or even creamy whipped cream. why is that? Also, what kind of cottage cheese do you recommend (ie organic, low or high fat, is this important?) And when?

Dr.. s: Let's clarify the first part: It's not that I'm not a fan of milk, I'm not a fan of pasteurized milk and homogenous! I think heating in high temperatures for a short period of time is fine, but filtering the fat through small filters completely changes the milk composition. Raw milk is wonderful but hard to get (unless you get it straight from the breast!) Goat milk is a better choice than cow's milk because it contains more fat and less carbohydrates, and tends to be much more friendly for people with allergies than Milk because protein sources are different. Cottage cheese is a cheese that will raise sugar levels and insulin. I would recommend cottage cheese, and high fat (the highest I could find).

JP: Explain why you think the whole concept of acidity is wrong.

Dr.. s: I suppose you're talking about acidity. In this case, the human system is keen to control the pH of the blood so that any change affects the body. For this reason, the body will try to fight acidity or even alkalinity. I do not really believe in this concept. However, I agree that some foods will affect blood pH for a short period of time, but nothing to worry about. The most common change in pH is secondary to hypoxia. If this happens and becomes very acidic, you are in deep ruin!

I have a problem with those who claim that eating too much meat will make you very acidic. Let's go back to prehistoric times when there was no cultivation so there were no pills. Basically, we had to search for food. We ate a lot of meat and we got the fiber from eating the intestines and not the grain. In the summer, we had a lot of fruit to feed on (like cherry, strawberry, etc.) But what happened when winter came? he is gone! The only thing left is the food that wanders around so we had to follow this food which would travel south. Now, we will stumble across other sources, such as bananas, for example, which may affect nutrient intake. So our bodies have never been incomplete because we will move between chapters – and that's one of the reasons why I believe in a diet of food rotation. Anyway, to go back to my original point, if you tell me that eating meat will make me acidic than in many citrus people millions of years ago and we will not survive!

JP: What are your views on combined food?

Dr.. s: The body is ready to digest food, easy and simple. It does not have a separate plan for each individual food. Do you think your body automatically recognizes that you are eating banana or strawberry? No, it does not work that way. It is true that combining certain foods can affect you hormonically. For example, eating carbohydrates with protein will raise insulin levels and facilitate the transfer of amino acids to the muscle cell which is useful after exercise. However, people are misled if they feel that combining food will help digestion. If you have a healthy digestive system, combining food is not necessary. If not, fix it!

JP: You can clear the whole egg case. On the one hand, some people do not think that we digest eggs well and that they suffer from common food allergies; others feel that because they resemble human tissues, they are easy to digest. Then there is the question of cooking them or not. On one side of the coin is Dr. Mirkola, who believes that cooking destroys some useful enzymes and nutrients and that the risk of salmonella poisoning is very rare. Then there is John Berardi, who says that cooking eggs will increase its absorption. Finally, the issue of eggs and whole cholesterol.

Dr.. s: Eggs are one of the most sensitive foods you can eat. Is there a difference between boiling or scrambling or eating raw eggs? Yes really. The more eggs you cook the more free amino acids. Eating raw eggs provides healthy proteins that are more sensitive. Boiling is a step in the right direction, but scramble your eggs as much as possible. Mercola is right in that cooking will destroy some enzymes, but it is a trade-off where it is best to reduce allergies to more enzymes. I certainly agree with Berardi that cooking the eggs will increase its absorption.

Cholesterol and eggs are not a problem at all. I can not believe that people are still suggesting that this is true! Almost every hormone you have is cholesterol-based except protein-based hormones such as insulin and growth hormone. The lower the levels of cholesterol in the blood after the age of 55, the greater the chance of cancer!

JP: I liked your knowledge of motion and your diagnostic skills. What are some of the common injuries to weight training that you see in your practice?

Dr.. s: The most common injuries in weight training are imbalances between the frontal line versus the posterior surface line. Visit for more information. Knee tendons are notorious for being narrow. Also, I noticed that many people lack supportive muscles. For example, it is common to see thin flaps with strong top traps that approach the shoulder strap closer to the collarbone that causes a rotary tether collision. Also, stress-related injuries that affect the posture lead to weakness of muscles that are more susceptible to injury.

JP: As we talk about injuries, which tips or supplements will speed healing?

Dr.. s: There are many supplements that will speed up healing. Research has shown that digestive enzymes will help in injury. It acts as an anti-inflammatory and will help reduce cancer. Another big one, albeit through a separate mechanism, is glucosamine and chondroitin. These are more applicable to the joint (as collagen); while the enzymes (especially bromine) will work on the tendons. Fat is also important. It has been proven that the fish oil and GLA have a strong anti-inflammatory effect. Other supplements include vitamins C (2 g), E (800 IU), MSM, Reishi mushroom, cat claw, tumor, anise, but the dose used will depend on the infection.

JP: I've mentioned some impressive numbers about your training, and you've seen that you're making multiple repetitions of towel sheets easily. Do you have any strength tips that you would like to share?

Dr.. s: Wow, I knew you were deeply influenced by me, JP! First of all, the most common mistake I see is over-training. If you are over 35 years old and have more than 10-12 groups per body part, you are trained! If you exercise your legs more than twice a week (depending on your condition), then you are training! In the power phase, do your legs only once a week, and your total exercise should not exceed 3 times a week, especially if you are exercising. Always consider customer stress factors, such as work, rest, nutrition, family, etc. I have a research that clearly shows that training more than 3 days a week raises cortisol levels for up to 4 days. This is important because high cortisol levels will not help you build muscle! You want to have a devastating impact on your muscles and then stop them – allow them to recover and build. One of the best ways to stop this alleged destruction is to use BCAA. Low cortisol levels in BCAA. I've been saying this for years to always absorb before BCAA's workout.

Another thing, you are just as powerful as the weakest link you have. So always work on your weak muscles. One way to find out is to train your body one-sided at first to see what's going on. Once you know, I spend more time on this particular side. Also remember that your grip dictates your strength – if your grip is weak, you will not be able to determine its size. The most common weakness that I have seen is the hamstrings as the lobe becomes very strong. Usually, both lower back and upper back tend to double resulting in injury.

JP: I have learned from you that the limited-scale calf affects the medial head of the stomach. Any other small secrets?

Dr.. s: If I tell you you will not be secrets anymore, but I will share with you anyway. A common injury that I see involves the origin of the biceps (long head) due to the withdrawal of meridians. Most people tend to train biceps only with elbow flexion, but the biceps act as shoulder and shoulder pads. Usually, biceps injuries occur at the shoulder. To train them properly, you must move from stable mode to unstable, tired to shorten mode. Let me explain what that means. Any time you rehabilitate someone, you must start from a stable position and work around the damaged joint. Therefore, if the biceps origin is painful, you can operate the remote limb in a stable position by flexing the elbow without shrinking the original at the shoulder. This way the muscles do not weaken and heal faster because of increased blood flow, although sometimes it is necessary to rest only. Sit on the ramp seat and perform the slope curl as usual (involving only flexion of the elbow.) This is a tense situation that helps in healing the fascia. The performance of the curls on the Swiss ball will actually provide a more stable environment where you can install the three heads on the ball. Go to a contracting position (like a preacher's curl) after a few days or even a week when there is no pain. Then, progress to more stable positions.

JP: Can you discuss your fruit hierarchy? A short while ago, I sent a diagram via fax and showed the final metabolic pathway of Fructose. Although it is known for its high content of antioxidants and fiber, can fruit consumption inhibit fat loss? Can you explain why fruit is important in the season?

Dr.. s: Do not get me wrong, I do not think the fruit is bad. It is the amount of fructose in the diet that we should be concerned about. Fructose (high fructose corn syrup specifically) is the No. 1 sweetener used. It is a highly oxidative metabolic pathway that is used as glycosylated carbohydrates because the body does not like to do anything with it – you have to spend a lot of energy to change it to fat or glucose / glycogen so the body converts it instead to glycosylate proteins. Health wise, this is not desirable. سوف تجعلك الدهون سمينًا ليس لأنها سيئة بالنسبة لك ، ولكن في المقام الأول لسبب أن الناس يأكلون الفواكه "السهلة" ، أي العنب – فقط ضع حفنة في فمك ، أو الموز – قشر واحدة واصل المشي (وهم لديك حوالي 3 أو 4 في اليوم!) عادة ، الأشخاص الذين يتناولون الفاكهة ، لا يأكلون البروتينات معهم – خطأ آخر. تعتبر الفواكه (الفركتوز) ممتازة بعد التمرين لأنها يتم استقلابها ببطء ، فقط تأكد من إضافة البروتين معها. أيضا ، أنا لا أؤمن بالعصارات لأنها تزيل اللب / الألياف من الفاكهة.

ما أهمية تناول الفواكه في الموسم؟ لأن الله يعلم أفضل! يجب أن تأكل الفواكه في الموسم في ذلك الوقت. على سبيل المثال ، إذا كان الجو باردًا في الخارج ، فتناول تفاحة ؛ بينما في فصل الصيف ، تندرج الفراولة والكرز والبطيخ ، إلخ. لا تأكل الفواكه غير المتوفرة. ليس الموز في موسم الشتاء خلال فصل الشتاء ، لكن ما هو أكثر الفواكه التي تستهلكها شيوعًا في ذلك الوقت؟ هذا صحيح ، الموز!

JP: هل يمكنك الكشف عن هرم الطعام الجديد الخاص بك؟ لقد سمعت أنك تناقش المشكلات الكامنة في النموذج الأصلي ، وعلى الرغم من أن الهرم الجديد المقترح يمثل خطوة في الاتجاه الصحيح ، إلا أنه لا يزال مغلقًا. يرجى توضيح.

د. س: يجب أن يكون الماء في القاع لأنك يمكن أن تموت بعد 3 أيام بدون ماء. قل لي أي طعام هو أكثر أهمية من ذلك؟ القادم سيكون البروتينات ، ويفضل العضوية. ثم تأتي الخضروات ، كل شيء ما عدا البطاطا البيضاء (البطاطا الحلوة جيدة) والذرة (التي هي في الواقع حبة). يتضمن المستوى التالي الفواكه والمكسرات معًا – أعتبر هذه الأشياء متشابهة في قيمتها. تتبع الجبن لأن معظمها غير مخمر. بعد ذلك يأتي الكربوهيدرات – أفضل المصادر هي الأرز ودقيق الشوفان. يتضمن هرمي الغذائي إخلاء نصه: "الكربوهيدرات تعتمد على النشاط!" إذا كنت بطاطا الأريكة ، فعليك ألا تستهلك أي الكربوهيدرات – لا الحبوب أو أي شيء – ثمرة فقط في بعض الأحيان. ومع ذلك ، إذا كنت نشيطًا ، فأنت تستهلك هذه الكربوهيدرات بكل الوسائل.

JP: أعلم أنك من محبي زيوت السمك وزيت الزيتون. هل يمكنك مناقشة أهمية هذه الدهون غير المشبعة؟ ما الذي يجعل جهاز Alpha Omega M3 الجديد أفضل من معظم مكملات التعليم للجميع الأخرى؟

د. س: كما ناقشت سابقًا فيما يتعلق بزيت الزيتون ، فإن زيادة تناول الدهون غير المشبعة الاحادية يزيد من مستويات هرمون تستوستيرون بينما يقلل الكورتيزول. يمكن أن يقلل زيت السمك من حجم وعدد الخلايا الدهنية. السبب في أن جهاز Alpha Omega M3 هو أحد أفضل مكمّلات التعليم للجميع المتوفرة في السوق ، لأنه الوحيد الذي يحتوي على نسبة ضئيلة فقط من ALA ، ولكنه يحتوي على جرعات عالية من زيت الزيتون وزيت السمك و CLA و GLA بنسب محددة. أحد الميزات الجيدة الأخرى هو MD + EFA + ، لكنه يفتقد إلى زيت الزيتون (الدهون غير المشبعة الأحادية) التي أشعر أنها مهمة.

JP: مع كل هذا الحديث عن سمية الزئبق ، هل من الآمن تناول الأسماك هذه الأيام؟

د. س: كان لدي رجل كان يتناول 3 علب من التونة يوميًا. لقد رفعها إلى 5 مستويات لمستوى الزئبق من 5.2 إلى 47.4 – وهذا سام! لذلك ، عليك أن تكون حذرا مع بعض الأسماك وخاصة سمك التونة وسمك القرش والدلافين. السلمون والرنجة وسرطان البحر على ما يرام.

JP: لقد أوضحت أن الإنزيم المسؤول عن تكسير ALA إلى المكونات النشطة DHA و EPA يعاني من نقص في عمر 35 عامًا. هل هذا يعني أنه لا قيمة نسبياً لزيت زيت بذور الكتان فوق هذا العمر؟ وإذا كان أقل من 35 سنة ، ما مقدار زيت بذور الكتان الذي يجب أن تتناوله؟

د. س: يحتوي زيت بذور الكتان على نسبة عالية من الدهون غير المشبعة. هذه الدهون غير مستقرة في الجسم لأنها يمكن أن تتأكسد بسهولة. إن الإنزيم المسؤول عن تقسيم ALA إلى DHA و EPA هو أقل (ليس ناقصًا) بعد سن 35. لقد اكتشفت للتو في دراسة أجريت على النساء الحوامل أن تناول أقل من 3 ملاعق صغيرة من زيت بذور الكتان يزيل كل EPA و DHA من حليب الأم. ومع ذلك ، عندما تحولوا إلى زيت السمك ، كانت EPA و DHA موجودة في حليب الأم. هذا يخبرك بشيء. معدل التحويل هو 15 ٪ فقط من ALA إلى EPA / DHA لذلك فمن الأفضل أن تأخذ زيوت السمك. ما هي الأشياء التي تؤثر على الإنزيم: الكافيين (الأشخاص الذين يتناولون التوليد الحراري لديهم نشاط أقل من ذلك الإنزيم) ، ومستويات الأنسولين العالية (من الكربوهيدرات المفرطة) ، والكحول هو العامل الأكبر ، ومستويات المغنيسيوم المنخفضة.

JP: هذا السؤال الأخير يجب أن نسأل. أي مكملات ساخنة جديدة يجب أن نبحث عنها؟

د. س: أقوم بإجراء دراسة عن Humanavor في الوقت الحالي. أقيس الأنسولين وشاشة الدهون (الكوليسترول الجيد والسيئ) ومستويات DHEA والكورتيزول. سأخبرك بما يحدث. بعض الأنواع الجديدة الجيدة تشمل مضادات الكورتيزول والمكملات الاستقلابية المفرطة ، مما يعني أنه بدلاً من التركيز فقط على التأثير الحراري ، لديك شيء يخفض الكورتيزول الخاص بك بحيث يعمل الأنسولين بشكل أفضل (أو يتضاءل) يشبه حمض ألفا ليبويك. أيضا ، مزيج من BCAA مع توراين وأرجينين قبل التدريبات.

JP: شكرا لك يا دكتور سيرانو على الوقت الذي أمضيته في إجراء هذه المقابلة. كما هو الحال دائمًا ، يعد التحدث معك تجربة تعليمية جادة. أعلم أنك مشغول للغاية هذه الأيام مع أكثر من 8000 مريض وأنك لا تأخذ أي عملاء جدد. كيف يمكن للقراء الاتصال بك إذا كانوا مهتمين بالتشاور؟

د. س: انتقل إلى


Tibet travel at a glance



The country consists of seven regions, known as the provinces. These include: Lhasa, Camdo, Nagko, Ngari, Nyingchi, Shannan, and Xigatse. Although there are many towns and villages within Tibet, the most notable are the city of Lhasa, and Xigatse, the second largest city in the region. Apart from the cities worth visiting, Tibet is full of natural beauty ranging from Kailash Mountain, Yarlung National Park Park and Chomolangma National Nature Reserve, home to the Tibetan side of Mount Everest. Be aware that altitude sickness is very dangerous in Tibet.


The Tibetan people as a whole are very strong, adaptable, warm and hospitable. Many people rush to invite tourists to their homes and serve them with authentic local food and butter tea. You will find that Tibetans may want to search your guide book; let them. Many Tibetans are unable to see many places in their country, so your guide book is wonderful for them – especially photos. Tibetan people are the most wonderful and discerning people who will really go to accommodate you. However, it is important that tourists treat the area and its people with respect.

Put the following suggestions into mind when visiting Tibet: Always try using the local Tibetan dialect when possible. Never photograph a person without permission. Most monasteries do not mind photography – but for a fee. Sometimes videos are not allowed regardless of payment Do not discuss politics; this can endanger people's lives. Respect for local customs and beliefs; religion is very important to the people of Tibet. They are highly indoctrinated in their lives, so be respectful when shooting. Be aware that any monk you see can be a clandestine Chinese customer trying to catch up with the Tibetans or you. You do not have any pictures of the Dalai Lama. It is enemy number one, and if you have any photos, you will be picked up and may be removed from the country. Try to eat authentic Tibetan dishes during your stay. Do not buy family, religious or archaeological items because they destroy culture. Never visit or photograph a picture to bury the sky. Unless you are invited by Tibet, even then you will not be welcome. If you suddenly throw stones, you are not welcome. Burying the sky is their funeral, so how do you want to portray some strange tourists at your family funeral? stay away.

the food

The harsh climates have affected the distinctive character of Tibetan food. Food not only provides sustenance but also warmth and energy. Because the high altitude in the region made cooking with water almost impossible, Tibetan food has become highly specialized and the diet is rich in meat, milk and other protein-rich foods. Momos (boiled dumplings) are an essential ingredient along with the yak butter tea you taste like warm, salty and watery milk tea with a mild flavor of yak. The taste is acquired but it is wonderful for the cracked lips and keeps you warm because of the fatty content. Jasmine tea is readily available. Fruits or juices are not often available, but even in remote places you will be able to get soft drinks, Marlboro Lights cigarettes or Lhasa beer. Available more easily than bottled water!

Stay safe

Staying safe during your holiday in Tibet is very important. There is political tension in the country, especially between the Chinese Communist government and the Tibetan people, who are under strict surveillance. It is wise to avoid any political protests. Although rare, they are brutally suppressed by the local government and Westerners who target the cameras in particular. In addition, when traveling to the area, there is always the possibility of vehicle crashes during a tour. Therefore, it is wise to carry a snack, some water and extra warm clothes.


How to Get Slim – The Natural Asian Way


Perhaps the most common method I get from customers is in my weight loss programs. It is a challenge faced by every woman who struggled with her body at some point in her life. The truth is that there are millions of Asian women all over the world who have lean and agile bodies throughout the year … even after birth!

Today you will learn how to become neutral in the natural Asian way, by using some easy-to-remember tips that Asian women use to lose excess weight quickly so you can add it to your daily routine.

How to Get Slim – Natural Solutions Fast and Easy

For my new weight loss clients, I first start by teaching them some basic basics about long-term permanent weight loss. Simple things anyone can do properly from the first day to trigger the potential of fat burning. Although you will not learn every Asian secret about weight loss from one short article, you can pick up some tips that will lead you to your ideal body:

1. Smaller plate = smaller belly – If you travel to Asia at all, one of the first things you will notice is that the vessels and plates used by families are much smaller than the normal American size. This is important for a reason that is hard to understand: eat less food if your dish can not eat more!

Try to "downsize" your dishes when you try to stay focused while losing weight, especially for dinner, you'll find it one of the simplest things you can do to answer your question about how to get a quick slim.

2. Water is not only present in the cup – Some vegetables have two features on regular foods. The first of course is their distinctive nutritional properties, which help our bodies to stay healthy and work well. But for some vegetables such as zucchini, tomatoes, cucumber and kale, there is a second big advantage to those trying to figure out how to get thin: it's dense.

You will fill the water-dense vegetables (and keep you full) much longer than the other options, try to include them as a side dish with the main meals.

3. Cut fruit juice and switch to real fruit – There is something amazing that happens when we drink fruit juice from the usual store. Our insulin levels rise because of all the refined sugar in the brew, making it almost impossible 4-6 hours more to burn any fat … even if your diet is flawless.

Avoid this trap by drinking only the actual fruit juice you personally squeeze. If that's a lot of work, it's no problem, eating an actual piece of fruit instead … and enjoy the fibers inside that keep you from starving. Always choose real fruits on anything that is processed, and will make you closer to the answer "How to become slim" much faster.

4. No Las Vegas Drinks when going out for dinner – When dining out, do not be tempted to order a bottle of white wine, a large 16-ounce fruit cocktail, or any other large drink that may contain alcohol or processed sugars. The answer in this area about how to get thin comes in the form of ordering glass of wine instead, and sticking to cocktails of less than 6 ounces. You can ask the waiter an example of the glass size if you are not sure.

We often drink too much alcohol at dinner when eating out, and not only inflate the bill that blows the thighs! Stick to healthy water, tea or other natural liquids when eating out and reducing damage.

These basic tips can go much further than you might think on your way to quick thinness, if you usually make them and practice each one of them daily, it will not surprise me to see you drop 10 or 15 pounds within a month or so. It is powerful in preventing you from the body you want.

What if you still can not lose weight?

If today's tips do not help you reduce belly fat or love handles forever, you'll want to learn a more powerful secret method performed by Asian women to force fat on the belly and thighs quickly … without starving or doing crazy drills.


Travel to India for joint replacement surgery


In India, there are a number of procedures for orthopedic surgery such as hip and knee replacement, Illizarov, lengthening the limbs, and Birmingham's resurfacing technique (which is very successful in traditional hip replacement surgery and is not yet available in the United States).

Many hospitals in India specialize in the latest technologies and treatments such as minimally invasive surgery, bone cartilage, spine culture and prosthetic surgery. All types of musculoskeletal problems ranging from arthritis to sports injuries, to complex bone fractures, bone tumors and childhood conditions such as scoliosis are handled in the most effective way in India at a much lower cost than USA and UK.

Joint replacement surgery: Shoulder / hip replacement and bilateral knee replacement surgery are replaced by more laparoscopy or endoscopy and arthroscopy at many hospitals in India

What is joint replacement surgery?

Joint replacement surgery removes damaged joints and develops a new joint. A joint is a place of gathering two or more bones, such as the knee, hip, and shoulder. The surgery is usually performed by a doctor named Orthopedic Surgeon (or THO-PEE-DICK). Sometimes, the surgeon will not completely remove the joint, but will not replace or repair the damaged parts.

Your doctor may suggest a detailed replacement to improve your lifestyle. Joint replacement can help relieve pain, move and feel better. Joints that can be replaced include shoulders, fingers, ankles and elbows. Hip and knee joints are often replaced.

What happens during joint replacement surgery?

First, the surgical team will give you a medicine so you do not feel the pain (anesthesia). The medicine may prevent pain only in one part of the body (regional), or may put your body completely into sleep (general). The team will then replace the damaged joint with the prostheses.

Each surgery is different. The time it takes depends on how much the joint is damaged and how the surgery is performed. It takes about two hours or less to replace the knee or thigh, unless there are complex factors. After surgery, you will be taken to the hospital for 1-2 hours until you are fully awake or numb. The average time taken in joint replacement surgery is 1-1.1 / 2 hours.

What do you expect after joint replacement surgery?

If the procedure goes well, without any complications, the patient can move on crutches within 48 hours. Usually 3-4 physical sessions of the patient are advised so that the new prostheses are properly understood and trained to use the joint correctly.

Why should one go for joint replacement surgery to India?

The most important reason to do this is that the cost of joint surgery is very low in India – about 20% of what one can pay in the USA, Canada or the UK.

Medical Tourism India (Health Tourism India) is a concept whereby people from all over the world visit India to meet their medical, surgical and relaxation needs. There is an increasing need for specialized high-level therapies such as vital organ transplantation, cancer treatment, neurosurgery, heart surgery and many more in Western countries. The most common treatments are heart surgery, knee and hip replacement, plastic surgery and dental care. The reason why India is a favorable destination is its infrastructure and technology, which is equal to those in the United States, the United Kingdom and Europe. India has some of the best hospitals and treatment centers in the world with the best facilities. In addition, India is one of the most favorable tourist destinations in the world.


How To Get Inexpensive Adventures For A Mexico Vacation


Cheap Mexico Adventure Vacations

You can only enjoy Mexico if you have the right power to explore it like a real adventurer, not just a luxury traveler whose only resting place is in the spa center. You can only enjoy Mexico if you try to enjoy a holiday at the Copper Canyon Adventure Style in Mexico, which offers hiking trips in the wild as well as the amazing and opulent remote areas of Mexico and its areas. You should try to imagine yourself in giant Mexican grooves and so beautiful that the Grand Canyon in North America looks small in front of it! Spend a good time with Copper Canyon Adventure Style Vacation in Mexico at a convenient price of $ 2,398 for 9 days, including accommodation, camping, food, safety, evidence, photography, the Internet and other facilities of major interest without interruption. January, February, March, April, September, October, November and December are the special months that this camping trip begins for those who want to enjoy Mexican support. Hurry up before someone else takes advantage of your chance to experience Mexico, in a real adventurous way!

Nightclubs at low prices to enjoy in Mexico

Mexican clubs of many types and different prices. You can easily find one of your choices at a reasonable price and at reasonable prices by reading this comprehensive and handy guide book on cheap nightclubs in Mexico. The famous Senor Frog Night Club, known among the university crowd, is a crazy, fun and boisterous nightclub in Mexico that offers a great bar and fun entertainment program. You can find great people, hot shots and great music at the Coco Bongo Grand Club in Cancun, which offers a wide range of entertainment for everyone and anyone in Mexico. Fat Tuesday is a beautiful disco club that plays some kind of music all night; all you have to do is tell the DJ to play a path that pleases you and pull your partner out for a night dedicated to crazy dancing. Daddy Rocks and Carlos & # 39; n & # 39; Charlies and Barco Pirates Night are just a few of the many night clubs in Mexico that offer great entertainment for travelers who enjoy their vacation in the buzzing area!

Best student hotels

It is well known and understood that students have a budget to stay when they decide to vacation in another country or region. Students enjoy the freedom to choose from a huge list of nightclubs, hotels, bars and other cruises in Mexico by simply moving to a comprehensive travel plan for students. The Oasis Hotel in Cancun, Mexico, is designed exclusively for students and offers heated accommodation in 2 swimming pools surrounded by tropical gardens, recreational areas and solarium for entertainment. With 392 rooms in the 18-storey building, three restaurants, four bars, a jacuzzi, a 24-hour snack bar, room service and other amenities for its students from all over the world are available at the Copacabana in Acapulco, Mexico. Ironshore Villa is a private villa in Mexico, designed for traveling students. It offers a private pool, minivan with driver, bar and kitchen until your holiday becomes like your home. This is easily available by simply checking out their website!

Budget is fun under the sun

If the idea of ​​spending an outdoor holiday suits you, visiting Mexico for your next holiday may be a great idea! Here in Mexico, hardly rains and average temperatures remain about 27 degrees Celsius. This allows people to enjoy the maximum amount of time outside the doors on the pearly white beaches welcoming and attractive. One can choose from many outdoor activities such as golf, tennis, swimming, windsurfing and diving. Resorts in Cancun, Mexico are well maintained, luxurious and affordable. The excellent tourist resorts feature extra well-being for golf courses, tennis courts and day-to-day resorts. Fishing bay is also a common activity in Cancun, Mexico. The environment at night is very active and shipped. Shopping can range from expensive things to very cheap things. The amount of entertainment that can be done in Mexico at cheap prices is why people never feel the need to go anywhere else.