BlockShow Asia 2019

Cointelegraph is going to provide an international communications event at the Asia-Asia 2019 conference in Singapore.
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The closed session for journalists will take place at Marina Bay Sands on November 13 – the day before the so-called “Festival of Distributed Technology” begins.
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Organizers say the event, known as the Bloch Dialog, will bring the same media and PR agencies under one roof, allowing them to connect and discuss new trends.
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There is also a great deal of discussion about a wide range of challenges facing the media industry.
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Issues such as the best way to communicate with anonymous sources are likely to be on the agenda, along with the ethical concerns surrounding the stories in groundbreaking stories about the market. Other possible issues include best practices for fact-finding and fraud-as well as the criteria for what makes a news story in this burgeoning industry.
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Blockshow Dialogues also hopes to allow markets to reach consensus on some of the controversial issues in the new news (does Bitcoin have a Fortune B?) And see if there are alternative ways to monetize content beyond advertising.

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Christina Lucrezia Korner, editor-in-chief of Quentengraff and head of the articles, said:
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“It is important to start a dialogue between various media groups that cover Finch because we are still a minority, and our mission is to bring quality journalism to the encryption sector.”
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Crypto News Shops have grown in importance amid criticism of how some mainstream media organizations have covered the developments in the industry. While some institutions are accused of describing cryptocurrencies and blockchain in an overly negative light, others have come under fire for uninformed reports and lack of depth – with covered stories often focusing on Bitcoin prices.
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In May, Balchau announced that the idea of ​​her event had changed. To focus the discussion and foster innovative thinking, the two-day event has already been divided into 10 conferences, including trade, regulation, privacy and marketing.
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Journalists wishing to participate in the Medialogue can fill out a registration form on the Balchu website. The organizers emphasized that the crossing is limited only because of the closed format of the site.

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