BlockShow Asia 2019

Cointelegraph is going to provide an international communications event at the Asia-Asia 2019 conference in Singapore. cheap airline tickets The closed session for journalists will take place at Marina Bay Sands on November 13 – the day before the so-called “Festival of Distributed Technology” begins. all-inclusive vacation packages Organizers say the event, known as the […]

Budapest, an unforgettable experience for many international travelers

[ad_1] Hungary was a socialist state, run by the Socialist Workers Party under the influence of the Soviet Union. It regained its independence on 23 October 1989 and is now a member of the European Union. Budapest, capital of Hungary, is a very modern city, but there are hundreds of buildings that embody the architectural […]

Sleepless in Siena

[ad_1] Fatty raindrops fell on a gray stone in the old square. Swords of light penetrated the sky of Cimmerian, illuminating the miserable windows of the medieval buildings shining on us as they encircled the square, and determined our gravelly cocoon. We sat together in a suspicious rest of a dark door, our backs against […]