BlockShow Asia 2019

Cointelegraph is going to provide an international communications event at the Asia-Asia 2019 conference in Singapore.
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The closed session for journalists will take place at Marina Bay Sands on November 13 – the day before the so-called “Festival of Distributed Technology” begins.
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Organizers say the event, known as the Bloch Dialog, will bring the same media and PR agencies under one roof, allowing them to connect and discuss new trends.
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There is also a great deal of discussion about a wide range of challenges facing the media industry.
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Issues such as the best way to communicate with anonymous sources are likely to be on the agenda, along with the ethical concerns surrounding the stories in groundbreaking stories about the market. Other possible issues include best practices for fact-finding and fraud-as well as the criteria for what makes a news story in this burgeoning industry.
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Blockshow Dialogues also hopes to allow markets to reach consensus on some of the controversial issues in the new news (does Bitcoin have a Fortune B?) And see if there are alternative ways to monetize content beyond advertising.

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Christina Lucrezia Korner, editor-in-chief of Quentengraff and head of the articles, said:
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“It is important to start a dialogue between various media groups that cover Finch because we are still a minority, and our mission is to bring quality journalism to the encryption sector.”
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Crypto News Shops have grown in importance amid criticism of how some mainstream media organizations have covered the developments in the industry. While some institutions are accused of describing cryptocurrencies and blockchain in an overly negative light, others have come under fire for uninformed reports and lack of depth – with covered stories often focusing on Bitcoin prices.
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In May, Balchau announced that the idea of ​​her event had changed. To focus the discussion and foster innovative thinking, the two-day event has already been divided into 10 conferences, including trade, regulation, privacy and marketing.
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Journalists wishing to participate in the Medialogue can fill out a registration form on the Balchu website. The organizers emphasized that the crossing is limited only because of the closed format of the site.


Budapest, an unforgettable experience for many international travelers


Hungary was a socialist state, run by the Socialist Workers Party under the influence of the Soviet Union. It regained its independence on 23 October 1989 and is now a member of the European Union. Budapest, capital of Hungary, is a very modern city, but there are hundreds of buildings that embody the architectural grandeur and the Austro-Hungarian Empire.
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Budapest has a population of more than 2 million, a city that has a lot to offer visitors, especially museums, churches, theaters, parks, famous mineral hot springs and baths. The remnants of the Soviet occupation are over. Today, Budapest is a mirror image of any European city with the best shopping, nightclubs, restaurants, hotels and various cultural activities.
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Some of the most important tourist attractions include the famous bridges that cross the Danube. Some of these include the Megyeri Bridge, the Elizabeth Bridge, the Margaret Bridge, the Liberty Bridge and the Chines Bridge, which is one of the most photographed bridges in Europe. To make the most of your trip, choose the right place to stay during your stay. For example, the 3-star Tulip Inn Budapest Millennium is a good choice and enjoys a central location.
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Excellent kitchen outlets

Hungary has always been known for paprika and peaches, but there is a whole range of food styles available in Budapest, including French, Chinese, Magyar, Italian, etc. International cuisine is available at the Klassz wine and Italian restaurant in Hemingway; healthy vegetarian food is available in Eden. Their menu includes vegetarian dishes, cooking and flavors that contain no fat, preservatives or sugar.
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Antiquities and museums

For gourmet dining guests can dine at Onyx, a Michelin-starred restaurant serving modern Hungarian cuisine, bistro and brasserie like Gerloczy offering light snacks and various cheeses. Places to see around Budapest include the Jewish Quarter, the Parliament Building, the Citadel, the Memento Park, the Holocaust Memorial Center, the Buda Hills, the Margaret Island, the various museums, the Royal Palace, etc.
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Shopping privileges

There are many pawn shops and used shops that sell China, antiques, ornaments, textiles, etc., such as Bav, while the arts and crafts at Herend Village Pottery are displayed with a variety of items from home furnishings and custom decoration. The best time to visit Budapest is between May and September when the weather is ideal for travel and with excellent transport facilities, visiting places will be easy.


Water retention and middle age spread


How water retention begins

If you regularly suffer from bloating, it is possible that the intestine is slightly inflamed from time to time. This makes them susceptible to allowing partially digested molecules to pass through their walls in your blood. When the intestines are in good health, only pure nutrients are allowed, but inflammation weakens them. Inflammation in the bowel is common and can occur because of a lot of wrong bacteria, or by consuming something that bothers you, or by not digesting your food well.

When partially digested molecules move around your body, they eventually settle in the "tissue areas". The tissue areas surrounding each of the body's cells were found. They are not made of empty space, but they are filled with gel-like material that allows nutrients and oxygen to feed your cells. (Tissue is just a word used to describe your body tissue, such as muscle tissue, lung tissue, brain tissue.)

Partially digested food particles are not particularly welcome in the tissues of the body. So your body stimulates your immune system to introduce special white cells into the area, to infuse "sediment". The immune system can do this only by increasing the amount of water in tissue areas so that the white cells (known as macrophages) can swim in place. If the sediments continue to increase and the plaques can not overcome them, over the years the tissue area will slowly expand with more sediments and more water. In the end you may realize that you are suffering from water retention.

Water retention and excess weight

Of course, not everyone is aware. It can seem to retain water gained in this way like fat. The main difference is that you can lose fat with a diet for fat loss and lots of exercise. But this will not benefit the weight of the water. You may succeed in losing a few pounds, but people with water retention usually reach a plateau they can not overcome. People over the age of 45 are particularly affected by this problem and often have difficulty losing weight more than they did at a younger age. The truth is that the older we get, the less efficient our bodies deal with the waste and debris that get out of our digestive system in our blood. So more water tends to pool in our tissues.

Water retention treatments

There are medical reasons for some types of water retention, so if you have this problem, check with your doctor first. If you do not have a major disease, do not let your doctor prescribe the diuretics and do not take them yourself, not even the herbal medicines. For "idiopathic edema" (the technical name for this type of water retention), it will do nothing for you except to dry your blood and a clinical exhaustion. The drying of your blood is not the solution, because the excess water is not in your blood but in your tissues. If you are taking water tablets, you will only know your body adhering to water as much as possible, because it should avoid dehydration at all costs. Many people have become addicted to water pills by taking them for the wrong reasons. They find that they are forced to take more and more in order to get no result at all and become very swollen each time as soon as another dose is damaged.

Treatment of water retention naturally

The only treatment that is likely to work for idiopathic edema is a diet called Waterfall Diet, because it is designed to target this problem. It is called the "waterfall diet" simply because when you lose water retention you urinate a lot. The diet is designed to correct up to seven causes of water retention: reducing inflammation, eliminating bloating, helping the immune system to smash "sediment", and helping to strengthen smaller blood vessels so that the water does not leak out on them. It requires a bit of work, and you have to take a test on yourself as well, as described in the book. But some people were lucky enough to lose 10 pounds or more of water within 1-2 weeks.

This is the best thing about water weight. Unlike fat, you can lose a few pounds of excess water retention overnight. If you know what to do, you will not return that water.


Health Tips for Holidays


Sure, holidays have a way to get us off track, right? Keeping a routine during the holiday season is difficult even for a "professional planner" and for those who follow a "hard-hearted" diet – so do not be fooled yourself for a temporary inconvenience or two. It is important that the "modern mothers" surrender to ourselves to do what we can, when we can, in the context of our main priorities – and make it emotionally well. Meaning that you give yourself "permission" instead of guilt to do what you know is right, like spending too little time, but with your child (your children) after a long day's work.

It is important to know what can be done to stay on track during such hectic and impeccable times and make the most of these opportunities as they compensate for excessive effort elsewhere (because of the minimum time and energy).

Here are some things that even the most modern mother must do "crowded" during hectic holidays, even with a busy schedule of travel, family and everything, with some nutritionists in eDiets:


O Eat "clean". Yes, I know that holiday baskets seized by dogs are everywhere (especially in the workplace), but with a lower fitness system, your weight / weight search efforts will depend on your ability to keep your calories to reasonable levels. Chewing mint-chewing gum (which will make chocolate and other things not tasty) or sucking sugar-free candy can help you resist those temptations. Or you can enjoy a cup of hot sugar-free or fat chocolate or a low-fat oats bar and fruit cereals in your office, instead! Do not just deprive yourself – make some kind of reasonable trade !! Again, you just need to plan ahead and provide your emergency foods easily. If you make just one list a week, make it a healthy menu and stick to it!

O Eat small and healthy meals every 2.5 to 3 hours or so instead of just a few large meals. This will keep you clinging all day long so you do not feel tempted to eat a meal, which may cause you to eat too much calories or eat, and will keep your metabolism tonic. Make sure you do not skip meals because you are too busy. While you think you are saving calories and do not mind, you actually slow down your metabolism, which should "stretch" the energy from your last meal over a longer period of time. If your body comes to "anticipate" new sources of fuel more often, you will burn what becomes faster.

O Drink water – and plenty of it! (Regardless of the number of trips you will need to the ladies' room) your body is made up of water, while water does not contain calories to save energy, it contributes to weight loss and help the digestive system. Bumper water will keep toxins flowing directly from your body.

Enjoy hearty "winter" foods: the soup is great … comfortable, healthy and delicious. Make fresh vegetable soup with all kinds of favorite root vegetables … Fry onions and garlic in a non-stick bowl, then add water or low-sodium vegetable sauce, chopped potatoes, celery root and carrots. Season with dried herbs and peppers, and enjoy a meal with some whole grains or a snack. Cooking can be made with root vegetables and lean meats. The secret of healthy soup does not add fat to the food! Add meat without adding fat in a nonstick pan, drain fat, and slowly cook with carrots, onions and garlic. And citrus fruit at its peak in the winter! It is best to enjoy Florida oranges and grapefruit … and the fibers in the whole fruit are the most useful. Remember that it takes at least 5 oranges to make a glass of orange juice 8 ounces … and you will not peel and eat 5 oranges in one session … you will be full after one or two! So, enjoy the citrus fruits … complete.

Before going to any holiday, take an apple with a full glass of water until the fiber keeps your appetite. Go and "taste" the party fare if you can not resist – it is good to allow yourself to handle a "reasonable" size once in a while, especially in a festive way. As long as you can enjoy low-volume treatment while maintaining full control, you can immediately rethink your diet, enjoy the event, and not feel completely deprived. Otherwise, keep the cup in your hand. If you carry a glass, it is difficult to bear according to and eat! Take a dish of food to start with, enjoy it, then keep a glass in your hand for the rest of the event. Finally, do not stand around the dining table – take the foods you want and leave the area immediately!


O With your harry schedule, do what you can with the advice below Monday to Friday and resolve to work for at least an hour on Saturdays and Sundays. No excuse here … If you skip your workouts during the week, then you need to get them on the weekend. Optimally, you'll also find a happy way during the week, like getting up early on Tuesdays and Thursdays as well for walking in the morning (at least).

Try isometric workouts. This is great if you are pressed for time or stuck in the supermarket. Just by bending several times each day, you can maintain a large amount of muscle tightness. Simply bend those muscles as you sit in your car or stand at the bus stop or walk to your boss's office. For example, during a traffic jam, tighten your abdominal muscles for 60 seconds, but remember to breathe through your nose. Maybe you're waiting in line to check in the store.

o Take advantage of any opportunity for exercise and healthy behaviors during your working day. Here are some ideas:

O D! Every hour do some chair exercises. While sitting, bend over your seat and let your arms hang up … then sit down and take five deep, slow breaths … through your nose, and out of your mouth.

O Crisis! Each hour, 12 "rear crunches" … while sitting, tighten the buttocks and continue for 10 seconds. Start with three repetitions, and work up to 5 times or more.

Focus on your situation – While sitting on your desk, consciously focus on sitting tall with your neck, back, shoulders, long spine, feet on the floor, and tightness of the abdomen. Maintaining a good posture on most muscles in your body and keeping your body in good alignment will help retrain muscle groups throughout the day. Besides practicing good posture it can make you look 10 pounds lighter.

o Take a 10 minute break every hour. Studies show that employees are more satisfied and productive if they take a 10-hour break every hour. Take advantage of this time to wake up or stretch or go for a quick stroll or do some deep breathing. Oxygen in your muscles and get a blood pump will keep you more alert, manage stress and help give your metabolism a boost. Three sessions are ten minutes as good as thirty-one minutes continuous.

The bottom line is that there will be obstacles to achieving and maintaining the desired body weight – you may encounter a plateau or unexpected life event that may discourage you from walking. Remember that this is part of the process, and while you can temporarily walk around, you can return to the right track the next day!


Low Carbohydrate Lifestyle – Oh My!


If you read popular sites in this area, it would be quite understandable if you decide to completely forget a low carbohydrate diet. After all, you want to live after your fortieth birthday, keep tone of your muscles, free yourself from bad breath, rid you of arthritis symptoms, and so on. All these myriad additional problems are all linked to a low carbohydrate lifestyle if you believe them.

As with all adjustments to your eating habits and physical activity, you should definitely get the opinion and advice of your healthcare professional. It may be good that some changes, especially for you, do not recommend them.

Now, back to life style thing.

Satan's lawyer will tell you that you simply can not do without bread, potatoes, alcohol, etc. How do you enjoy a stroll in the restaurant? You can not accept the bad breath thing associated with big words such as ketosis. Traveling for a living makes it impossible to stick to a low carbohydrate meal plan. There is now a way to maintain any weight loss in the long term, so why start.

Oh my!

We will not enter into all the political, economic or correct issues associated with this issue. So, let's take a look at how your daily life can change if you want to start changing this lifestyle.

The prerequisite is to read and understand everything you can about it and choose the diet that best suits your preferences.

In most cases, it will take several weeks until you are at home with the eating options available to you. Once this drowns, the opposite will happen. You will simply ignore those foods that you should not choose. In fact, the desire for these foods is often driven by hunger but this feeling will go away. Yeah! You will not be hungry. Again … you will not be hungry. With a low calorie / low fat diet, you will be hungry. You know this feeling. You may be able to deal with it during weight loss, but can you maintain it throughout your life? We can stop there, but there is a lot.

You will lose weight and equally exciting, you will lose inches. There is nothing that would enliven the lifestyle more than entering into this dress or shorts that you have imagined. There will be times when weight loss is a plateau but the inches will continue to diminish.

Renewable energy provided by this approach will fuel the interest in doing more physically. When the body begins to feed on its own fat deposits, the increase in physical activity will affect your body.

As mentioned above, medical problems should be left to your professionals, but it makes sense that consistent progressive weight loss will increase well-being. You should be sleeping much better.

Those who travel frequently or get used to eating in restaurants will tell you that most of these establishments are compatible with low carbohydrate needs. They have modified their lists to meet your needs without sacrificing flavor or presentation. In those rare cases where this is not the case, the alternatives are easy. Most high carbohydrate choices such as potatoes or bread can be tastefully replaced by kitchen staff. This applies to home parties or excursions as well.

Provides a feeling and feeling better as well as restoring the long-lost energy of those of us who have adopted a low-carb lifestyle with a long-term foundation. If you eat all you wish without hunger, lose weight and inches along the way and have the energy to follow the pleasures you allow yourself, you just joined us. welcome!


Eating abroad? Make the right choices


Eating is very common in today's world. One does not want to be a stranger by refusing to always eat with friends, family and colleagues in an attempt to eat well cooked meals at home and adhere to their health goals. Also, people travel more than they used to do once – be it for business or for entertainment. However, it is possible to have a balanced and healthy lifestyle while still eating out of the house. All that is required is to make sound choices.

While dining in a restaurant, in a coffee shop or in a buffet, we may not know the choices of fatty and calorie-laden food. This becomes difficult for people on Weight Loss Programs Or those with clinical conditions. But that does not mean they do not eat. Health options are available in restaurants and cafés and good choices can be made in the buffets.

Following these simple guidelines will help you make healthy and guilt-free choices:

1. Skip luxury drinks

Both alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages add only calories to the meal. Margaritas, pina coladas and other luxury drinks filled with sugar. If a drink is a must, a glass of wine or a simple martini can be an option. For those who prefer a non-alcoholic beverage, milk, lime or lemon juice can keep unwanted calories. However, normal water is always the best option.

2. Appetizers and soups

Avoid fried or baked antipasti, which are usually high in calories. Of course, you can also save calories by skipping the appetizers completely. Steamed appetizers like momos, grilled chicken, dimsums, etc. Good choices. When choosing soup, the best choices are soups based on broth or tomatoes. Cream soup, entrees and mashed soup can contain yellow cream or egg yolks.

3. Power tips

Those who choose the salad before the main course tend to eat fewer total calories. However, avoid creamy cheese, honey bandages, cheese, potatoes, bacon, fried pasta, toast and others in power as they are high in calories. Instead, press lemon or try rice vinegar or balsamic vinegar. If you want to ask for a dress-based salad, apply the dressing to the side where the amount of clothing you put in power will be under your control. Salad with some vegetables, corn, lean meats or beans can be a great filler. Fried frying can be a great choice instead of a salad to help you avoid eating more calories later.

4. Watch part sizes

In restaurants, since the desired dish is usually enough for 2-3 people, divide the dish with your partner instead of taking the whole part yourself. If you are in a fast food restaurant, order a small meal instead of a large meal. Leave potatoes and soft drinks.

5. Make your meals low in fat

When you go out in a restaurant to eat, always check out how to prepare food. Check whether the food is grilled, boiled, grilled, cooked, or cooked on steam because it tends to be less fat than fried foods. Limit foods that come with gravy or gravy. Avoid or eat butter, sour cream, sauces and sauces offered on the side. This will allow you to control how much you eat as it is rich in fat and calories. While ordering burgers and sandwiches, avoid ordering with cheese, bacon and other sweet sauces, and choose whole wheat or multi-grain bread with added vegetables. With meals and sandwiches, choose water, fruit or plain yogurt if available, instead of sugary or soft drinks, chips, and fried potatoes. Choose seafood, chicken or lean red meat instead of fatty or processed meats.

6. Add fruits, vegetables and whole grains

In a fast-food restaurant, ask whether fried potatoes can be replaced with fruit or salad. Ask for extra vegetables with pizza, sandwiches and so on. Indian, Thai and Japanese restaurants have plenty of vegetarian options available. Always choose brown rice, whole wheat pasta, whole wheat, multi-tortilla bread or tortillas instead of white rice, pasta or white bread.

7. Be aware of over-eating at the buffet

Check out the full buffet before you start filling your plate. Always start with soups (unsaturated, broth), fill the dish with vegetables; choose non-fried options and less oily. Instead of sugar-sweetened drinks, you can choose plain water or yogurt or jal jeera. Avoid butter / salted oil, parsley, parsley, butter and ask about plain wheat. Instead of desserts, go to a fresh fruit dish. Always wait for 5 to 10 minutes before going for help again.

8. Be aware of what you eat while traveling

Breakfast buffets at the hotel do not eat large portions. Eat a healthy combination of foods rich in carbohydrates and proteins with some fresh fruit. Choose healthy food at meal times. Always drink plenty of water while traveling because this is one side often neglected. Pack healthy snack options such as roasted sausages and nuts such as almonds, walnuts, pistachios and dried fruits such as dates, angers, apricots, raisins etc. to avoid unhealthy snacks. Instead of drinking soft drinks, always check the availability of coconut water, yogurt, etc. Fresh fruits are also a good option to prevent yourself from indulging in fried foods and other unhealthy foods.

Eating out does not mean giving up your health goals. Following the above tips will allow you to enjoy eating out with less guilt and keep you happy and satisfied. Today, healthy choices are available when you want to eat outside, but there is a need for guidance on how to make the right dining choices. Besides individuals who care about their health goals today, we see companies that invest in the health of their employees through corporate wellness programs as executives and other employees in this field are constantly on their way. Eating out of the house should not be troublesome – one can make it enjoyable for good health with the right choices. Also for some people it becomes difficult for weight loss programs or those who suffer from clinical conditions. But that does not mean they do not eat. Health options are available in restaurants and cafés and good choices can be made in the buffets.


Clothes for short fat men


It's not always about how expensive your clothes are to dress well. The most important thing is how to choose your clothes well and how stylish they look when you are wearing a lapel. This can be done by knowing your body type so that you can choose the best types of clothing that will complement your body rather than attract people to what may be well hidden. For example, if you are short, there are certain types of clothing that will help you look longer and more appropriate. The same applies to whether you are fat because there are clothes that make you look more agile and very stylish at the same time.

So it is important to consider the factors when shopping for clothes for men with short fat. It is important that people notice the face of a fat person rather than weight. This means that one should go for clothing that draws attention to their faces instead of their belly, which is usually the most famous place. Shirts that have pointed collar are usually a great help. This is mainly due to the fact that the collar helps people who want to look at the face more than other parts of the body.

The other thing that helps those who suffer from fat is to avoid wearing belts. One can use braces to make up for belts because the belts usually leave the abdomen hanging. Dark colors go well with obese people because they are overweight and do not look fat. However, the fabrics used in these clothes should be thin if one wants to pull out the thinnest appearance. You should also go for shirts that have vertical, not horizontal and diagonal lines. This allows someone who does not seem fat and short at the same time.

Clothes for short fat men must be carefully selected. Short men should avoid wearing long jackets. That's because long jackets make one look shorter than it really is, and that's not what a short person wants. Be sure to avoid wearing large-sleeved shirts if you are a short person. One must also go to shirts that have wide lines but are not too wide for that matter. It is important to make sure that if you wear suits, you will go to buttons that have three or two buttons and nothing more. It's also important to make sure that you keep at least one button open so you can look longer.

Relationships should be as clothing for short-fat men on a small knot. This gives one a better appearance and makes it look better than it actually is. The ligament must also reach the waist so as not to bring attention to the abdomen. Make sure you have the right clothes.


7 Things You Should Know About Height Illness


take my Breath Away!

You already know about AA, AAA, ABC, ADT and so on. If you are going to the mountains, you may want to add AMS. It means acute mountain sickness or more common, Altitude Sickness. You say, why do you get sick when I go on a journey of age – is not that just the bad vine? Think of it as a vaccine – like a trip to the Amazon. You would not think of going there, for example … thirty shots or more, right? So if you are going to the highlands, why not prevent the disease!

What causes high disease?

The mountain sights are really breathtaking. As you reach higher altitudes, the air pressure decreases so that each of the objects you pick up contains less oxygen, making you breathe more to get the oxygen you need. Of course, this happens when you practice walking any hill, but at low altitudes, it usually resolves shortness of breath after a short period of rest. Not so at high altitude.

With the lower amount of oxygen in your lungs, the blood becomes less effective in getting and transporting oxygen, so regardless of the number of breath you take, you are unlikely to get a normal blood level of oxygen. It takes your mind a few days to figure out that you should breathe more.

Although everyone reacts differently, anyone can get AMS, even those who are physically fit, and have a lot of experience at high altitudes, young or old, male or female.

The easiest way to prevent high disease

The most common reason for getting AMS is directly related to the speed at which you climb, so if you plan to hike, the best guarantee for you is to slow down. If this is not possible, at least you should know what to do and what to do, and you should be able to feel more quickly and avoid life-threatening forms. Drink plenty of fluids, exercise moderately, eat low-carbohydrate, low-fat meals and eat some herbs.

Other important steps to be taken include avoiding alcohol, sleeping pills and narcotic pain medication in more than modest doses.

Medical definitions of height ~

high increase:

5000 – 11,500 feet

Very high height:

11,500 – 18 thousand feet


More than 18,000 feet

~ Signals that your mind has not yet realized that you are not at sea level ~





Bloody nose

Fatigue or weakness




~ How to reduce the effects of AMS ~

Ascend slowly and let yourself adjust to each height.

Drink plenty of fluids – water and juice.

Avoid alcohol.

Reduce the amount of caffeine.

Reduce salt.

Eat a little fat and follow a high carbohydrate diet.

Come down! (But only if it was really bad).

What the doctor says ~

According to Dr. Lynn Dracos, an acupuncturist and oriental medicine doctor, Siberian ginseng must be controlled. It also suggests eating iron-rich foods, including molasses, green leafy vegetables, beets and red meat, to get the moisturizing value you give your body.

We have found that taking doses of antioxidants also seems helpful.


Sleepless in Siena


Fatty raindrops fell on a gray stone in the old square. Swords of light penetrated the sky of Cimmerian, illuminating the miserable windows of the medieval buildings shining on us as they encircled the square, and determined our gravelly cocoon. We sat together in a suspicious rest of a dark door, our backs against our bundles, our arms hugging our legs, our expressions dark. We were the only people who were abandoned at night. With a brewing summer storm and dark crawling, I and my husband discovered there was no room at the inn – no inn.

In 1996, we took our first trip to Italy, the journey of long-awaited dreams. Children grew up, attended the dog, watering the plants – it was our turn in the end. Months of research and planning received our departure. We've looked at guides, twisted videos, and websites that have been reviewed. While planning our trip for the "shoulder season", we listened to travel advice: lock out bookings for one night only during the first few nights and make the rest as you go, before contacting two or three days before arrival the next day.

Everything was working smoothly. In the middle of our trip we arrived in Florence, with hotel bookings secured for our stay in that artistic city with a statue. Immediately began to call forward for a short trip in the future to Siena, the medieval jewel of Tuscany. During the next two days, and between the visits of the decadent to David, I called the mind-boggling hours wandering around the Uffizi Gallery, playing the hideout and the statue with the milk marble statues in Boboli Gardens, I called. I asked my way down the pages of each guide in my bag. The same word kept ringing in my sore ears: "completo" – full. Indifferent and optimistic, we have delivered ourselves to destiny. Something will definitely attend. The day of our departure to Siena arrived and we ascended confidently to the "bus route" which would bounce back through the dark green hills, past heavy vineyards by harvest, and take us to our next temporary house.

Emerging from our wheeled cocoon, our first solid steps on cobbled stones in an old street took us back in time. This was medieval Siena, and we were immediately enchanted. However, we still do not stay overnight. We know that we can not give in to the old town until we find a place to set our bags and put our heads. More calls, overheating now. More "completo", sorry but firm. Magic quickly turned to despair, and we got the help of a sympathetic Italian university student using the public telephone next to our phone. "Uno memento" will help us as soon as you finish this one call.

I'm sure she must have read her master thesis for her best friends in Rome, and she seriously criticized every phrase, or perhaps recounted each escape from last year's dramatic college. Ever grateful travelers, we patiently waited to close her Italian monologue. We watched as the sun rose to the horizon, and we bathed the gold over the red brick surfaces. Finally, her call ended and we stopped and went together looking for a room – no room. All completo. After the exchange of apologetic twists and sincere thanks, we separated ways, a serious university student in her familiar and comfortable home, and we did not know her at night.

We surrendered to this unlimited adventure and reviewed our surroundings. Fortunately, we share the base of a single bag, so at least we did not have to walk around in a few practical bags. It was filled with one bag full enough. As the gold in the sky turned slowly into ink, we wandered through the narrow maze of pebbled alleys, the stone walls of muted color that echoed our whispering words. At least this fictional village was empty of cars.

In the end, our sights brought us to the heart of Siena, El Campo, the main square where it is located twice a year at the world-famous Palio, the mad horse race and fierce competition between the neighboring districts of Contrad. Pallio revives the competition that dates back hundreds of years, and puts each team against the other for the honor of owning, reviewing, and boasting the winning Contrada legend about El Campo and across the streets filled with salt. It was hard to imagine the overwhelming crowd chanting to encourage thorny horses and sweating while straining to reach the finish line, where their players competed for first place. Tonight it was no more than a great courtyard, a quiet outdoor living room on an Italian autumn night.

The tourists watched themselves around the Founty of Joy, which is located in a decorative area at the top of the gently sloping, brick-covered slope in the square. University students were sprinkled here and there, putting them on blankets, chatting vigorously, playing guitar quietly. Well, we thought, this sounds attractive. Slightly soothing from the friendly faces, we decided to try to "waste" as much time as possible in a nearby apartment. The Italian habit of eating for a long time and late night suited us was fine. We asked the school-aged waiter if he had been booed, or worse, totally forbidden, "lounging" in the square all night. No, he assured us it was allowed. We went back to the outdoor accommodation and supported our packages and our appearance against that fountain called "Fountain of Joy". We scanned the scene.

No doubt late night revelers wondered why middle-aged tourists were not put in bed. However, we felt comfortable in their presence. We may have been ignored, but we were never threatened, sat down as night approached, and young movies were more entertaining than any television show. The music and the laughter filled the scene until a new sound subsided in non-distant distance: the ominous thunder boom followed by amazing lightning crevices, which stopped our improvised show. The rain started pouring down from the sky of Spaj now, prompting us all to look for cover in the nearby passages that sprang from the square as I spoke of a wheel that had fallen. Despite the increasing concern that rain has brought to our already less idealized plight, our transition to stone tunnels has added a new dimension to this impromptu concert. Ever enthusiasm, the voices of our owners rose unlikely in a song, echoing against the heavy rock walls and creating a resonant harmony that infuriated us. The church choir can not be as stunning.

Hard stone, cold, can not provide comfort for a long time, and eventually, even our tireless parties began to look for comfort at home. Our birthmakers drifted, one by one, until we just left. We carried our bags and went back to the square, and we fell into the doorway of what was a daily job. Tonight our seat was next to the ring on the stage of the night, but all the actors and the public have returned home. While we were thinking about our circumstances, he began to show the special light. Rain allowed, but the air cracked. Suddenly, the lightning lit the sky, and bathed everything in a vibrant light. Over the next few minutes, we dealt with the most breathtaking presentations, rarely seen by those who sit behind them safely. Every time the lightning breaks, the scene breaks out, and the windows of the old medieval buildings light up and burn as if in a horror film. But we are not afraid, and sleep was an unimaginable state. We saw this night scene, feeling like we got a special acceptance in a holy celebration. Then the storm drained, we quietly left the night, not even stones that whisper their secrets to us. We were completely alone.

Carefully wrap the tiny travel towels around our shoulders, and turn us against our packagings for a slight position of rest and drifted away from and to sleep sleeplessly. Every hour or so, the Polizia car was almost blue around the square and started off, as if it were in a caricature. Every time she went through the past, we were fooled, we did not want to appear homeless and move away from our little shelter. But the police did not slow down when we passed, no doubt that we took on what we were: unhappy tourists, less hotel who did not book forward. After we got back from our nap, we heard the quiet movement of the lonely traveler wandering gently across the square. Where did he go? Have you just arrived? It has fallen because the sky has lost the depth of ebony and the morning has become a promise to fulfill soon. The yeast fragrance of fresh bread and sugary cakes fills the fresh air. We stretched.

With the dawn of dawn slowly, the silence and the grumbling of shopkeepers faded. Shop fronts were raised, stones were swept, tables arranged. Soon the aroma of our espresso filled with vitality and reassurance. We have achieved this. The morning arrived. We have risen from our usual breech and have come down to a cafe kissed by the sun, claiming the first outdoor tables. After taking advantage of their facilities, we sipped the cappuccino racket and looked across the square, smiling at the sight of our former nest.

My eyes caught the nearby "del del Mangia" tower, the medieval tower of Siena which rose to the top 100 meters. I suddenly had a desire to climb it. As soon as I opened their doors to visitors today, I hurt myself up, 300 steps, up, and more, parked in the periodic searches to take pictures to prove the moment of madness. Profiles from my husband, impressed by another cappuccino, entered from my point of view. Finally, I reached the top and rewarded Siena's most delightful view, boasting its dusty roofs and busy streets. Satisfied, I have made my way back.

We lifted our bags and explored more of this stunning city in broad daylight. After that, we boarded a bus to the train station and waited to move on to our next adventure – but not before stopping for reservations the next night.


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